Motivated to make better drugs
Powered with tumor data
Delivered by machine learning

Our mission is to outsmart cancer

By uniquely bringing Patient Selection into focus during the early stages of Target Identification.

Using the best model human

By using real patients data, we integrate target identification with cohort selection into a single coherent strategy.

Using best data patient tumor whole genome data

We use 100% of Genome Data, both Exome & Dark Genome alterations.
With a wealth of patient-derived tumor data, we can accurately define patient cohorts and identify hidden targets.

Targeting tumor vulnerabilities with 
Synthetic lethality

Current targeted medicines focus on inhibiting oncogenes that drive tumor growth. However, oncogenes applicable to larger cohorts have already been explored.

Our primary therapeutic strategy is Synthetic Lethality, providing an opportunity to target tumors with inactivated suppressor genes as well as undruggable oncogenes.

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